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Movements through time and space: Ecology and Lingua-Cultural Change in South and Southeast Asia

Edited by: Nishaant Choksi, J.A.H. Khatri, Manjil Hazarika and Phanindra Talukdar

About the Book

Both throughout history and at the present moment, environmental change has driven new patterns of human mobility and settlement and with it has rearranged social relations.  An important but largely overlooked element of environmental change has been its impact on language, linguistic expression, cultural dialects, and cultural heritage. 

Threats to linguistic diversity are considered most commonly in terms of the loss of language due to restrictive government policies, market dynamics and demographic changes. The research field of bio-linguistics has demonstrated a spatial correlation between areas of high biological diversity and high linguistic diversity at the global level.  This book contains the issues related to linguistic diversity as a dynamic mosaic of interlingual interactions that are created and maintained through multilingualism. The threats to linguistic diversity, cultural dialects and cultural heritage encounter the human knowledge structure (the archaeology of knowledge).  In this line of questioning, each paper has argumentatively introduced various subjective approaches and interpretations, taking as our site South Asia and Southeast Asia, both regions of intense linguistic diversity that are and have undergone various environmental changes throughout history. Thus, the ecological change and mobility have impacted multilingual mosaics in various regions. 

Table of Contents

Note on Contributors:


        1. Paza in the Linguistic Ecology of Northern Laos
          Nathan Badenoch, Sommor Panyavong, Khammanh Siphanxay, and Bouathong Xaimaly
        1. The ‘Mishmi’ languages, Idu, Tawrã and Kman: a mismatch between cultural and linguistic relations
          Roger Blench
        1. Mobility and Multilingualism among the displaced of the Narmada Valley
          Nishaant Choksi and Kalpesh Rathwa
        1. Water and Other Flows: Significance and Survivance, and a Lahu Semiotic Ideology
          Judith M.S. Pine
        1. India’s Chicken Neck: A Semiotic Reading of Metaphoric Reconfiguration
          J.A.H. Khatri
        1. Traditional knowledge and Natural Resources Conservation in India’s North     East:   Some  Insights from Anthropological Perspective
          Jonali Devi
        1.  Eco-linguistic Scenario of Northeast India
          Madhumita Barbora
        1. The Impact of Ecological Change on the Cultural Heritage of the Khelma Community: A Case Study
          Pushpa Renu Bhattacharyya and Madhumita Barbora
        1.   Kangra Art Residency: When Artists Return to their Home Ecology
          Snehal Tambulwadikar-Khedkar
        1. Environmental changes and its impact on the Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh
        1. Denuding the forest: Revisiting British Forest Policy in Colonial Assam from 1826 to 1947
          Parismita Borah
        1. The effect of environmental change on linguistic and cultural expression of Mising Tribe
          Devashree Bora and Mrinmoy Doley
        1. Impact of Environmental Changes on the Tribal Societies of Northeastern India
          Chandan Kumar Sharma
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