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Certificate Short-term Course

  • Course Duration:

    45 hours

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Course Overview

There are different ways of constructing meaning, and in modern times because of so many mediums around us, we are also surrounded by many types of texts which are different from ordinary speech situations. This course will briefly introduce semiotic theories and how we can extend them into understanding and creating mediated texts such as advertisements, cinema, and news. These different texts emerge from various cultural codes and make sense for their consumers. But essentially, they all come forward with certain hidden connotations, which become very important for us to decipher and, if possible, neutralize. The course will provide you with the tools to identify the hidden meanings in these texts and helps you to highlight the sociocultural biases. The exercises during the class will also provide hands-on experience in working with texts.

Course Objectives

      • Understand three basic models of Sign.
      • Understanding the ideology and role of media in the comprehension of the text.
      • Reading advertisements to identify their hidden biases and cultural connotations.
      • Reading various forms of news and understanding its construction processes.
      • Reading cinema with modern ideological and psychoanalytical tools.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

      • Understand the historical development of Semiotics and apply the three basic models to mediated texts.
      • Identify the role of media in the representation process.
      • Read the mediated texts with all their hidden and ideological connotations.
      • Understand the narrative structure and primary arguments of the advertisements.
      • Read the news as it is constructed rather than as a natural phenomenon.
      • See cinema not just as a form of entertainment but also as something that develops certain forms of social consciousness.


Total Credit – 3Course Duration – 45 hours ​
      1. What is Semiotics?
      2. Historical Development
      3. Saussurean Model: Signifier, Signified, Langue, Parole, Vertical, Horizontal
      4. Peircean Model: Interpretant, Representamen, Object, Semiosis, Modes of Sign
      1. Barthian Model: Myth, Connotation, Denotation, Ideology
      2. Medium is Message
      3. Types of Mediums
      4. Politics of Representation
      1. Types of Advertising
      2. Advertising Business
      3. Placing ‘You’ in the advertisement
      4. Analyzing advertising
      5. Branding and Logo
      6. Semiotic critique of Advertising
      7. Problems in the ideological analysis
      8. Case studies
      1. Defining News
      2. What is Newsworthiness?
      3. Newspaper Business
      4. News Value & Discourse
      5. Headlines, Photographs, and Graphics
      6. Newspaper Readers
      7. News on TV: Definition
      8. Mythic meaning
      9. Structure and Visual Sign
      10. Making sense of TV News
      1. What is cinema?
      2. The Film Business
      3. Cinema in India: Hero, Heroine, and Villain
      4. Cinema Spectatorship
      5. The Gendered Spectator
      6. Film Signs and Codes
      7. Film Narratives and Genres
      8. Cinema Audiences
      9. Case Studies

Barthes, Roland (1968) Elements of semiology. London: Cape.

Barthes, Roland (1973) Mythologies. (tr.) A. Lavers. London: Granada.

Bignell, Jonathan (1997) Media semiotics: An introduction. Manchester & NY: Manchester University Press.

Chandler, Daniel (2007) Semiotics: The basics. London & NY: Routledge.

Danesi, Marcel (2002) Understanding media semiotics. London: Arnold.

      • Assignments
      • MCQ Tests
      • Classroom contribution
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