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Indian Aesthetics
Certificate Short-term Course

  • Course Duration:

    45 hours

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Course Overview

This course aims at exposing students to a range of aesthetic theories and visual culture in the Indian aesthetic traditions. It will propose to show the practical roots of these theories by illustrating their significances in diverse art forms. The course will investigate into the philosophical foundations of Indian aesthetic traditions from theoretical and practical aspects. And it is interdisciplinary to suit the development of academic life in a complex twenty first century context.

Course Outcomes

This course goal is to create a critical mental framework which will make it possible for students to engage in art appreciation. Thus, this course will help academicians, students, art critics, artists and even lay persons all of who have an interest in art.


Total Credit – 3 Course Duration – 45 hours
  1. The concept of Aesthetic.
  2. The nature of Aesthetic and its relation to philosophy in Indian culture and tradition
  1. Bharata’s Natya Shastra and its Critics
  2. Abhinavagupta’s Rasa Siddhanta
  1. Anandavardana’s Dhanyalok
  2. Its extension to music, dance, Visual forms and drama
  1. Alankarwad               – bhamah
  2. Ritisiddhant             – Vaman
  3. Dhwani Siddhant      – Anand Vardhan
  4. Vakrokti                    – Kuntak
  5. Auchitya Vada          – khemindra

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      • Classroom contribution
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