Centre for Cultural Research (PCCR)

Research Fellowship Program:

PCCR initiates various research programs/ projects engaging researchers and scholars specializing in Indian studies in the field of culture and social sciences. We encourage research fellowship program on long term and short term basis affiliating to an academic institution in India for researchers, academicians and scholars.

Our specific research areas:

      • Ethnicity and identity in the flux of Globalization
      • Gender identity and activism
      • Cultural Diaspora and Hegemony
      • Visual Culture (North East India/ India)
      • Cultural Dialects and Contemporaneity
      • Cultural Heritage and Preservation
      • Indian Archaeology and History
      • Indian Art History
      • Ethnography and Ethnology

For Proposal Submission:

Any respected researcher, academician and scholar can write to us mailing at

Research Programme of 2021-22

      • Cultural Heritage of BTAD Areas: Listing, Documentation, Digitalization and Mapping of Antiquities, Historical and Othnagraphic objects
      • https://kokrajharmuseum.org/
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