Centre for Cultural Research (PCCR)


Center for Cultural Research (PCCR)

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Advisory Board

Executive Board


  • To encourage an open space for cultural practice/ training / field school
  • To encourage curatorial research, workshop, exhibition and practice
  • To encourage archive of community based what will be an institutional space as essential part for new humanitarian discourse of North East India
  • To encourage artist residency space and research
  • To encourage institutional space of (Ethnic art, literature, textile, cultural research and education) as an essential part of new humanitarian discourse
  • To encourage studies of ethnic language/ anthropology/ ethnography/heritage and archaeology
  • Community based philanthropic practice and movement
  • To encourage studies of design and architecture
  • To encourage studies of art and theory
  • To encourage studies of performing and performance art research and projects
  • To encourage research and studies on woman empowerment and social changes
  • To encourage studies and practical research on child education, child labour (and differently able) and social engagement
  • To encourage studies of planning and analytical system on North-eastern region and cultural mapping
  • To encourage practical research, seminar, symposium, publication and journal